Money and Business Mentoring with Amanda

Amanda’s 2 raved-about e-books

Big Bold Juicy Goal Setting sheets

One sheet and 6 lines. This is goal setting sheet is for your your juiciest goals. Dream big!

Blank schedule to help you organize and prioritize your weekly goals
First write down how you really spend your time, then try again with your priorities front and center.

Creating Your Ideal Vision
Follow these 10 steps to bring your ideal vision to life.

“Easily & Joyfully” Financial Tracking Sheet: Doc or Excel Spreadsheet
Get intimate with your money with this money tracker!

One month to Five year Goal/Vision Map Plan
Where will you be, and how old will you be, in one month, 6 months, five years? Use this form to plan your dreams.

Services you’ll need to POP your Biz!
Essential services. How do you find a VA? How do you keep track of your list? What type of shopping carts should you use? Here are some suggestions.

Weekly Declaration Form
How are you this week? Sit down and learn more about you. What have you achieved? How are you feeling?

Wheel of Transformation
12 categories of life balance, 12 ways to transform your life.