Welcome to your Journey to Paradise classroom!

earth-elements-200You will find all the information you need for your “Journey to Paradise” Fires Starters and Rain Makers Programs

Welcome Letter from Amanda

A Personal Welcome from Amanda

Welcome Packet from Amanda

Fill this form out and send it to amanda@amandamoxley.com

Your Group Call Schedule and Guidebooks

Follow the link above to your new schedule and guidebook page!

The Healthy Wealthy Biz School Basics

Vital tools for a healthy wealthy life.

Books and Recommended Reading

Food for the mind, soul and body!

Freedom Based Lifestyle Private Forum Facebook Group

To join visit the Freedom Based Lifestyle Private Forum in Facebook using the link above and request to be added. Then email info@amandamoxley.com and we will approve your membership.

1:1 Calls with Amanda – Scheduling Your Calls

Schedule your calls here: https://www.timetrade.com/book/TYJNM and please fill out the following forms before and after each call.

1. Pre-Call Form – send to amanda@amandamoxley.com 24 hours before each call.
2. Post-Call form – send to amanda@amandamoxley.com 24 hours after each call.

Fire Starters Receive…

  • One 1-hour Visioning Session (schedule early in the program!)
  • Three 30-minute  1:1 calls (1 each quarter)

Rain Makers Receive…

  • 3 hour 1/2 day VIP coaching session with Amanda via skype or live (schedule early in the program!)
  • Nine 1-hour Visioning Session calls (1 each month)
  • Nine 1-hour Coaching Session calls (1 each month)

Your Bonus End Yo’ Money Drama and 10 Step Blue Print programs

BONUS: Ticket to Amanda’s LIVE EVENT (Fall 2014) – includes 1 free guest ticket too! (Value = $2,500)

Details To Be Announced!

A Copy of the Standard Contract

If you have not already, please sign and return to info@amandamoxley.com

I love taking this amazing journey with you!

In Love and Radiance,