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*Unless otherwise noted Most calls will be held on Mondays for 60 minutes from 2pm-3:00pm MST (11am Honolulu; 1pm Pacific US; 4pm Eastern US; 9pm London UK; and 8am on Tuesdays in Sydney, AU)

Call Instructions:
Call (206) 402-0100
or Check here for a number in your state or country
Participant Access Code: 857883#
For Skype instructions, click here

ALL CALLS ARE LIVE. Recordings will be available automatically within 30 minutes of the live call. Use the “audio” links in the calendar to download or stream the audio.

Date   Guidebook   Lecture
Thurs, Oct 10 at 3pm: Journey to Paradise Jump Start Call Audio
Mon, Oct 28: Bonus Wealth Consciousness Call PDF Audio
Mon, Nov 4: Topic Call PDF or WORD Audio
Mon, Nov 11: Laser Coaching Call Audio
Mon, Nov 18: Wealth Consciousness Call  PDF or WORD Audio
Thurs, Dec 5 12-3 MST: Virtual Retreat  PDF or WORD Audio
Mon, Dec 2: Topic Call   PDF or WORD Audio
Mon, Dec 9 10am: Laser Coaching Call Audio
Mon, Dec 16: Wealth Consciousness Call  PDF Audio
Mon, Jan 6: Topic Call  PDF  Audio
Mon, Jan 13: Laser Coaching Call Audio
Mon, Jan 27: Wealth Consciousness Call Audio
January 23rd and 24th Retreat in Park City, Utah
Mon, Feb 3: Topic Call   PDF or WORD Audio
Mon, Feb 10: Laser Coaching Call Audio
Mon, Feb 24: Wealth Consciousness Call  PDF or WORD Audio
Mon, Mar 3: Topic Call PDF or WORD Audio 
Mon, Mar 10: Laser Coaching Call Audio 
Mon, Mar 24: Wealth Consciousness Call  PDF or WORD Audio 
Mon, Mar 31: Topic Call  PDF or WORD Audio
Mon, Apr 7: Laser Coaching Call Audio 
Mon, Apr 21: Wealth Consciousness Call  PDF or WORD Audio
May 15th and 16th Retreat in Park City, Utah
Mon, May 5: Topic Call  PDF or WORD Audio 
Tue, May 13: Laser Coaching Call *NEW TIME! Audio
Mon, May 19: Wealth Consciousness Call Audio
Mon, June 2: Topic Call  PDF or WORD  Audio
Mon, June 16: Laser Coaching Call  Audio
Mon, June 30: Wealth Consciousness Call  PDF or WORD  Audio
Mon, July 7: Topic Call  PDF or WORD  Audio
Mon, July 14: Laser Coaching Call  Audio
Mon, July 28: Wealth Consciousness Call  Audio
Expert Calls @10am MT   Lecture
Thursday, February 13 ~ Mani Das Audio
Thursday, February 20 ~ Christina Sander Audio
Monday, March 10 ~ Terri Heiman Audio
Monday, March 17 ~ Natasha Allrich Audio
Monday, March 24 ~ Mary Knebel Audio
Monday, April 7 ~ Laura Smith Audio
Monday, April 14 ~ Jessica Wyman Audio
 Monday, June 2 ~ OPEN
Monday, June 9 ~ OPEN Audio
Monday, June 16 ~ Sonja Ramos *11am MT Audio
Monday, June 30 ~ Jennefer Blostein *3pm MT Audio
Monday, July 7 ~ Ashley Welton *3pm MT Audio
Monday, July 14 ~ OPEN
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