You will find all the information you need for your Rising Star Mastermind

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Welcome Letter from Amanda

A Personal Welcome from Amanda

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Welcome Packet from Amanda

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Book Your 1-90 minute 1:1 Sessions with Amanda

Follow the link above to schedule your session

You can choose to break your time up into 30 minute sessions or book all at once. Here’s the link to book your time with Amanda. Reach out if you need help scheduling your session to us at

please fill out the following forms before and after each call.

1. Pre-Call Form – send to 24 hours before each call.

2. Post-Call form – send to 24 hours after each call.

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Your Course Homework

I really want to know you! Would you please take 10 minutes to complete the forms below and hit submit before our course begins? This will support me in serving you and knowing you and your goals and dreams better.

1. This is Me! in an This is MeDownload, complete, submit or save and and return to

2. My Intention in an My Intention . Download, complete, submit or save and return to

I love taking this amazing journey with you! In Love and Radiance,


Guidebooks and Calls (and replays)

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Expert Calls

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Extra Handouts

12 steps to easily and fill your events

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Healthy Wealthy Biz School 2017 - Course Content