Give me just 60 days and I’ll give you Everything you need to head into Summer

Up to 20 Pounds Lighter and More Productive Creative Than Ever Before!

Your Guidebooks and Lectures

Simply download the guidebook before listening to the corresponding lecture. To get the most out of the program, follow all the instructions and do all of the homework available to you*.

*The lectures may refer to materials and forums not available in the Individual Study Course. Those special bonus materials are only available to those who are enrolled in 1:1 coaching or group study courses.

Date Guidebook Lecture
Week 1: Create a Powerful Intention for Your Program PDF or Word Audio
Week 2: Visualize to Materialize your Lean, Lovin’ Body PDF or Word Audio
Week 3: Feel Your Feelings PDF or Word Audio
Week 4: Busting Through your LB’s to drop your LB’s for good! Plus: The Dairy Experiment PDF or Word Audio
Week 5: Increase Focus AND Do a Pantry Makeover PDF or Word / PDF or Word Audio
Week 6: Your “Let Go” List AND Mindful Eating Meditation PDF or Word Audio
Week 7: Cleansing and De-cluttering Your Outer Environment / Embracing Your Feminine Energy PDF or Word / PDF or Word Audio
Week 8: Create a Plan for Every Situation / Visualize Your Ideal Body and Ideal Way of Living and Eating PDF or Word / PDF or Word Audio

Welcome Kit! Course Support Materials that may be referenced in future lectures.

Mandatory: Watch What the Bleep Do We know.

1. The Wheel of Transformation
2. Creating Your Ideal Vision
3. My Big Bold Juicy Goal Setting sheets
4. My 1 month to 5 year Goal/Vision Map Plan
5. A blank schedule to help you organize and prioritize your weekly goals
6. Your Monthly Declaration
7. Your Lean, Lovin’, Moneymaking Machine Quiz in PDF or Word
8. Your Specialized Journal Format in PDF or Word
9. Your Customized Prescription for Radiance
10. 22 Tips for When a Craving Hits

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Commitment Poem
By Goethe

 “Whatever you can do,
or dream you can,
begin it.
Boldness has genius
power and magic in it.”


In love and radiance,