Body and Biz Bundle

Lean Lovin’ Money Making Machine Virtual Home Study Course

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Money Tracking Tools to Manifest Your Goals Faster!

“Easily & Joyfully” Financial Tracking Sheet Doc or Excel Spreadsheet

Get intimate with your money with this money tracker!

 Six Ways to Turn Desires into Gold by Napoleon Hill: Doc or PDF

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 Guided Money Manifesting Visualizations

The One Tiny Thing that is Keeping You Small, Scared and Broke” Special Report

Many heart-centered women entrepreneurs love helping people and delivering their services, but have great resistance asking for and receiving money. They try to will themselves to change this, but without addressing the root cause, it’s an uphill – and ultimately losing – battle. Not handling this can kill your entrepreneurial dream, so it’s worth taking the time to look at what’s behind your money issues. Download Here.

The healthy wealthy YOU guided visualization! Meet and align with your future SELF so you can manifest all of your dreams into reality.

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Money Core LIVE 2015

Join Me + 100′s of Women Ready to POP Your Biz at Money Core Live: 3 Days to Unlock Your Money Channels and ROCK Your Freedom Based Biz
(for entrepreneurs who are ready to JFDI*)
*Just f’in DO IT!

YOUR adventure in the gorgeous mountains of Utah, scheduled for October 2015

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 3 hour Virtual Money Core Pre-Recorded Planning Day with Amanda


  • Thoroughly reflect and release 2014 in style (a complete review of every aspect of your biz, your goals,
    visions and money)
  • Create your SOUL money goal for
  • Zone in on your Visibility goal
  • Commit to your dream schedule
  • Plan your TIME OFF for 2015
  • Pick YOUR theme WORD for 2015- and
    live it!
  • Lay down new boundaries for your
    time and energy (it’s time)
  • Heart-storm your dream biz plan for programs
    and clients
  • Receive energizing motivating new
    for the New Year- and more!
  • Includes 30+ page Virtual
    Planning day guidebook

Catch the prerecording here

Download the guidebook here