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It’s Amanda and Heather (Amanda’s Assistant). We are all getting so excited for the upcoming 2 part FREE Tele-training starting on February 26th and 27th on

Your 10 Step Blueprint to a Business that’s Profitable, Playful & Portable! (Part 1 & Part 2).”

We have Tweets, FB Posts, Quote Graphics, Email Blasts, and a YouTube Video

It is no accident that we have been brought together. We believe in long term relationships – that are about energy connection & alignment.  

I am so excited to feature you in this way and to create our partnership!

Abundantly yours,

Amanda and Heather!

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My friend Amanda Moxley is giving away her secrets to a truly Playful Profitable & Portable Biz in her upcoming free teleclass and video series, starting February 26 called “Your 10 Step Blueprint to a Business that’s Profitable, Playful & Portable”. Amanda spends summers in Hawaii and is headed to France this fall with her whole family – and she’s taking her biz with her! This woman knows how to have her dream and LIVE it too! Register here to get all the juicy secrets! <aff link>

If I told you that you could have a six figure biz, a beautiful family, spend your weekends skiing with your soul mate and your summers in stunning Hawaii would you think it was too good to be true? If so, I urge you to check out my friend Amanda Moxley and her upcoming free teleclass and video series: “Your 10 Step Blueprint to a Business that’s Profitable, Playful & Portable” where she’ll be sharing how she’s LIVING her dream… Starts February 26th! <aff link>

Anyone who knows my friend Amanda Moxley will tell you that she is an all action woman in biz living her dream. Last year she took her whole family and her biz out to Hawaii for a three month summertime adventure… And she’s going to France this fall! Want to know how she does it? She’ll be sharing her secrets on her upcoming free teleclass and video series: “Your 10 Step Blueprint to a Business that’s Profitable, Playful & Portable” starting February 26. Don’t miss out on this content rich series – who knows – you could be running your biz from a beach in Hawaii or the banks of France in 2014 too! <aff link>

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SUBJECT: <firstname>, want to learn how to run your biz from anyway in the WORLD?!

Hi <firstname>,

Have you ever wished you could transport your desk to a warm exotic location, and work on your hot rockin’ business while sipping on a fresh coconut and relaxing on the beach?

Well I’m sending you this mail because I wanted to let you know that you CAN! I know because my colleague Amanda Moxley has done it… And she’s doing all over again this year!

Register as my special guest at no cost for her upcoming 2-part teleclass and video series “Your 10 Step Blueprint to a Business that’s Profitable, Playful & Portable” that kicks off February 26.

Go here to register for FREE! –> <LINK>

On these juicy, content rich calls and videos Amanda will share:

  • Exactly how she manifested a dream three month long Hawaiian adventure without sacrificing her business, clients or her family… AND how she’s doing it ALL again this year!
  • How making your business portable and playful naturally equals MORE profits
  • The steps to take now so that you can be living YOUR dream business sooner than you think!
  • And more!

Go here to register for the whole series as my guest <link>

Until then, why not start cooking up YOUR vision of your dream biz… If anyone can show you how to truly make your work Profitable, Playful & Portable, it’s Amanda!


P.S. If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true I urge you to register and check out Amanda and her awesome lifestyle… This gal is an all action woman in biz LIVING the dream!

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<firstname>, what would you rather be doing right now?

<firstname>, wish you were here?

Hi <firstname>,

If you’re anything like me then I know you love your business, your work and your clients. But as entrepreneurs on a mission we sometimes neglect to take care of ourselves and check in with our bigger vision.

It’s so easy to get stuck behind your desk and be open like 7/11 for your clients. Before you know it summer rolls around and dreams of an exotic vacation seem like a distant memory! That’s why I wanted to check in with you today…

My colleague Amanda Moxley is LIVING the dream… In just 12 months she’s skyrocketed to a six figure income while taking care of her two beautiful babes (Sawyer and Phoebe) spending her free time hiking, biking and skiing with her husband and soul mate Johnn. AND she’s moving her whole family and biz to Hawaii for three months over the summer, to enjoy the sun sea and stunning scenery.

But the best part? She’s sharing all the juicy secrets on how YOU can do this too in her upcoming 2-part teleclass and video series “Your 10 Step Blueprint to a Business that’s Profitable, Playful & Portable” that kicks off February 26.

Just register as my guest to get skinny on how to travel the world and take you biz and family with you <link>

Anyone that knows Amanda will tell you that this woman KNOWS how to have her dream and live it too! In fact Amanda knows that the more she PLAYS the more profitable her business becomes… 2013 was her most abundant year yet!

Learn from Amanda’s experience, and find out about her upcoming program that will kick off in May – and you too could be serving your clients from a picture postcard beach of your choice THIS YEAR!

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